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My latest project and first experience with watercolor (amazing! Have u ever tried it?! Just amazing how the color flow) shows an African girl breathing in the good energy and breathing out the dust of the day. I painted some details, for instance how she holds her hand as sign of exhaustion of a stressful day in world which is far too fast. One can see the whole energy (good and bad) buzzing all over her, for instance her head is full of heavy energy.

The picture just came into life. I didn’t plan to paint this style. It just happened. It demonstrates a strong girl and how she found her way of balancing her energy in a difficult and fast world.

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Product Details

Type Super form fitting shirt in a classic V-neck (watch tee video below for more infos)
Material 90% cotton / 10% polyester

Polyester retains shape and elasticity;

Cotton lends both comfort and durability

Size information Normal female size
Fitting form Shaped
Photo model

Our female model is 176 cm and wears size S;


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